The Grapefruit Complication: The Cost of Incorrect Presumptions

The Grapefruit Complication: The Cost of Incorrect Presumptions

The Grapefruit Complication: The Cost of Incorrect Presumptions

When I remained in quality 11, our secondary school songs division held a fundraiser selling grapefruit.

Yes, grapefruit. Do not ask Kingw88

Our local community network (yell bent on MSA Cable television 3!) captured wind of this effort and wanted to interview among the trainees throughout their live Thursday evening “What’s Happening” program. For whatever factor, I was chosen for this honour. That knows, I probably was the first to raise my hand and offer when no one else was leaping at the opportunity.

Get on TV? I’m IN!

Thursday evening arrived and I strolled right into the workshop workplaces where I was invited and ushered right into the “green” room. My first monitoring was this room wasn’t green. There was absolutely nothing green about it. Why in the world was it called an eco-friendly room after that?

My rational mind was instantly confused at this detach. It didn’t make any sense to me!

Incorrect presumption #1: Their visitors understood what an eco-friendly room was.

After a couple of mins in came the show hold, Carol Lewis. She invited me and we rested and had a beautiful chat.

She asked me about our fundraiser, what we were selling, what our objectives were, what the funds would certainly be used for, where we went to etc.

It was a great chat. She made me feel comfy and comfortable. All readied.

She after that left to hold the live program while I waited for my transform.

After a little bit, I was ushered right into the workshop and was instantly in wonder. How cool was this! Lights! Video cams! The entire 9 lawns!

A mic was pinned on me; I was positioned and ready for my interview.

The flooring supervisor indicated we were ready to go live. THREE! TWO! And the quiet “ONE” with a finger indicating Carol to start.

Carol began by presenting me and after that asked her first question, “So Susan, inform us about this fundraising program, what are you selling?”

I stared at her.


No, it had not been me being video cam timid.

No, I didn’t obtain tongue connected.

No, I didn’t ice up and have an out-of-body experience.

I was confused.

Why in the world was she asking me that question again?

She currently asked that back in the “green” room.

She knows the answer; I informed her this currently.

What the hell? Is she daft or something?

Incorrect presumption #2: Their visitors comprehended the purpose of the green room.

I did eventually answer her, all the while being totally confused as to what was taking place.

Mind you, I had no idea what to anticipate to start with so uncertain why THIS was tossing me for such a loophole, but it did!

Incorrect presumption #3: Their visitors comprehended the process of what to anticipate so there were not a surprises in the process.

It was an experience I’ll always remember. A lot so that 2 years later on I wound up helping them!

So what does all this need to do with building and expanding an effective business?

It is capturing all those presumptions we continually make that are harming our business, confusing our customers, and setting you back us valuable sales.

• Quit presuming your prospects know what you do and how you can help them

• Quit presuming they understand the benefits of functioning with you

• Quit presuming they know what the experience of functioning with you resembles

• Quit presuming they know why you are asking the questions you ask

You understand.

Your business isn’t the centre of your client’s world. You need to have a system and process in position that will guide your customer through the whole functioning process so there are no presumptions made on either component.

Also as I write this, I recognize there is room for improvement on my component in this field too!

What about you? What presumptions are you production that are setting you back you money and time?

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